Virtual Printer Management From Nexera

NEXERA delivers tested, industry best practices customized to give your team tools to build your bottom line.

  • Sound management advice from trained O­ffice Automation Industry veterans.
  • NEXERA’s customized reports track indicators and measure results for your team.
  • We partner with you and your team to deliver increased profits at lower costs than current internal levels.

Manage Your Customer

Move from reacting to your customer to proactively assessing their needs so you can offer your service and supplies when your customer needs them the most. Build the loyalty that grows your bottom line by demonstrating the value of your services every day!

Device Reporting

By using on-demand reporting and automatic alerts, show which machines and customers require service and supplies – you will be able to proactively reach out to meet customer needs before a problem occurs.

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Polek BEI-NEXERA iDaaS Webinar VIDEO