KUARIO Wins The HP JetAdvantage Partner Innovation Award 2019

Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands July 5th 2019

KUARIO, developer of a global cloud based device management, monitoring, reporting & accounting platform, fully integrated with a (micro) payment platform to be able to pay with your mobile phone at unattended self-service machines like printing, vending, coffee etc., received the global Innovation Award 2019 at the HP JetAdvantage Partner Conference in Barcelona, Spain, in June.

The 2019 “Innovation Award” that was assigned by HP underlines the innovative and disruptive solution that KUARIO has developed for the printing industry and the HP JetAdvantage platform in particular. The KUARIO solution brings new opportunities to HP customers, partners and resellers all over the world, enabling the partners to offer full cloud printing & scanning (incl. OCR) combined with a revolutionary new way of printing via your mobile phone and pay for it directly at the printer.

The KUARIO Kiosk is one of the lighthouse apps developed for HP’s JetAdvantage Link platform.

“We are very happy to be granted with the global Innovation Award” – says Arnold Cornelis, Company & Commercial Director of KUARIO – “the award strengthens us in our global roll out and is a strong motivator for the whole team,

The KUARIO device management & payment platform for self-service machines, is particularly interesting for (semi-)public environments like the education sector (schools & universities), shared offices and co-working spaces. Everywhere, where multiple types of kiosks converge into one location, like an office or a campus and where users need to pay for products, KUARIO delivers a solution for end-users to pay for all products via 1 account using the KUARIO mobile app. Being an authorised and licensed payment institution agency, KUARIO takes away all financial hassle for both the customer and the end-user.

“With this award HP acknowledges our disruptive new global cloud printing & payment solution”- continues Cornelis – “The KUARIO Kiosk for HP, offers a revolutionary cloud print solution for end-users to directly print from their mobile phone and pay for it at the MFP device. This is a (semi-) public print solution that doesn’t require to first get the users to be in the customer domain. The solution only requires the JetAdvantage printers to be connected to the internet. It is all cloud based, so no on-premise server installations, no print domain set up etc. Users can send all their documents available in the cloud (Office365, Google Drive, Dropbox, i-Cloud etc. etc.), via their mobile phone, to any KUARIO enabled multifunction printer in the world and have it paid for by scanning a QR-code with their mobile phone.

The KUARIO Kiosk delivers a GDPR proof cloud print/scan/copy & fax solution, fully compliant with the new financial regulations (PSD2), and makes it available to HP’s global customers”.

The HP JetAdvantage Partner Conference in Barcelona hosted HP’s global development partners participating in the HP Link developer program. The conference was concluded with an award ceremony presented by VP & GM JetAdvantage Solutions, Mr. Ed Wingate at HP Inc.


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