La Roche College Integrates PaperCut with PrinterLogic’s Printer Management Solution

La Roche College needed a print management solution that would solve issues with ThinPrint while facilitating its full migration to a VDI environment

According to Groomes, the college’s “biggest concern” beyond VDI support was finding a print management solution that worked well with PaperCut, the printing solution that La Roche uses to charge staff, faculty and students for their print usage and track their printing activity.

La Roche College now uses PrinterLogic and PaperCut in conjunction as complementary rather than competing print management solutions.

“PrinterLogic and PaperCut are working great together. We had the PrinterLogic engineers’ help with figuring out how to implement it successfully, and it was really easy to do. We haven’t had any issues. It was pretty seamless. There was no configuration on the PaperCut side at all,” says Groomes.

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