PaperCut & Payments: Easy as ABC…

Freshmen Orientation.
Tour the campus. Meet the mascot. Get your student ID.

On college campuses around the world, you can be sure that there will be buildings some students will never enter and games they’ll never attend but one thing is for certain – the second a student loses their student ID campus life becomes increasingly difficult, and for good reason. The student ID is the passport to their campus experience.

Students typically become accustomed to using their IDs initially for simply getting in and out of dormitories. They often don’t realize just how important it is until they find themselves starving in the Student Union. With one swipe a full meal is served, paid for using a mandatory meal plan or perhaps the university’s version of “campus cash” that their parents forked over the money for.

The campus card even goes beyond simple food purchases and residential access. Students are frequently found in the library standing in front of printers looking for the 12-page research paper they wrote in an hour (even though someone said it couldn’t be done). You’ll see them look left. They’ll look right. Eventually, they’ll look up and see a sign that says “Swipe your student ID to retrieve your print job.” Some wise administrator or system admin must have installed PaperCut MF

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