Latest InfoTrends Research Reaffirms Workflow and Web to Print Software Value

By Elisha Kasinskas – You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows sang Bob Dylan in 1966. But if you are curious about how software is or is not being used by commercial printers and in-plants, the answer my friend can be found in the “2019 North American Production Software Outlook” from the market research firm Keypoint Intelligence | InfoTrends. The latest study yields compelling data about the current state and future states of the workflow and Web to print software markets.

You’ve probably been touting the benefits of software such as Rochester Software Associate’s (RSA’s) QDirect and WebCRD to customers, but let’s be honest, some customers need more time before they embrace total automation through software. If there’s any validity to some of the projections in the InfoTrends report, they’ll eventually get there. And when they do, they’ll need you.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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