Dear Valued Clover Imaging Group Customer –

You may have seen some recent press reports about our parent company, Clover Technologies. I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you directly to reiterate that we are excited as ever about our platform and market leadership position, and – most importantly – it is business as usual for us. We remain fully focused on partnering with you, our valued customers.

Today, Clover Imaging is the largest remanufacturer and collector of printer cartridges in the world – collecting over 30 million units and remanufacturing 16 million cartridges in 2018. We have engineering and manufacturing infrastructure that continues to rival that of any OEM, and also recently significantly enhanced the efficiency of our inventory, transportation, and distribution operations through a sales forecasting system developed in partnership with Microsoft. The award-winning quality of Clover cartridges remains undisputed with a 99.6% success rate for both color and mono cartridges and third-party testing validating reliability.

But in keeping with our commitment to meeting your evolving needs, over the last ten years, Clover Imaging has built the most robust services offering in the industry – far beyond simply remanufacturing cartridges. We now provide the value-added, partner-growth services that customers need to enhance profitability and gain market share, including managed print services, marketing services, nationwide service and support, help desk and training services, hardware and service bundles, and more. Clover Imaging’s highly experienced sales team also supports its partners with strategic deal crafting and competitive bid pricing, and the recent rollout of a new OEM conversion program has already gained tremendous traction in the marketplace.

Together, these expansive capabilities enable Clover Imaging to provide a level of partnership unsurpassed in the aftermarket imaging space. And while these are examples of what we have done to-date to meet your needs, rest assured we will continue to solicit your feedback and evaluate opportunities to further add value to you.

Quite simply, we are charging full speed ahead, as we have a healthy sales pipeline and continue to make key strategic investments to capture long-term growth opportunities. Ultimately, we have the infrastructure, resources, and plan in place to achieve both our short- and long-term revenue goals. And most importantly, we remain committed to providing reliable, quality products and services to you at the best possible price.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send them my way or reach out to your relationship manager.

Thanks, as always, for your commitment to Clover Imaging.


George Milton
CEO, Clover Imaging Group
Eric Martin
President, Clover Imaging Group

SOURCE Clover Imaging Customer

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