How Your Remote Accounting Department Can Get the Job Done with Digital Workflows

By Joan Honig, DocuWare – The challenges of operating successfully when most employees are working from home are often felt keenly by accounting departments. If your organization has been putting off beginning a digital transformation or has only taken the first steps, you will find that what once was a nice-to have technology is now a must-have. It’s time to implement digital workflows to share documents securely, automate approvals, increase accountability and improve transparency.

Young woman video calling using a laptop sitting on a sofa wearing earphones

In an article in the International Tax Review, Vaida Lapinskiene, Partner at professional services firm Ernst & Young, explains that accounting teams can look at the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity to increase their agility if they implement digital processes. “Once the business functions were shifted from a single work location to homes, the need for clearly defined and documented end-to-end processes emerged. The option to casually meet and resolve any matter has disappeared and more formal protocols must be observed to run business and financial processes as usual,” she says.

How does automated workflow bring distributed accounting team members together?

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