What are the Benefits of Financing for My Sales People?

By Josie Heskje, GreatAmerica – If you’re a growing office technology solution provider, you’ve probably hired new sales reps in the last couple of years. Moreover, with the addition of new products and services, like Managed IT or Wide Format solutions, financing remains a great option to help you remain sticky with customers and build recurring revenue. Are your sales reps crisp when it comes to fully understanding how important and beneficial offering a finance option to your customers can be? We’ve put a list together to help!

Here are the benefits of financing for office technology sale reps:

Quick payment

Instead of waiting for your customers to cut you a check to start the project, your finance company can pay you upfront. If you work with GreatAmerica, our same day funding allows you to leave your billing and collections to us.

One-Stop Shopping

The financial component of the sale is best handled when both equipment/software and financing are being controlled by the salesperson. This helps limit outside financing constraints.

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