The Power Of Enhanced Document Capture Processing

Part 2

In this 4-part series, Y Soft looks at automated scan workflows and how they help organizations be more productive.

In Part 1, The Power Of Simplified Scan Capture, Y Soft talks about how traditional scan – usually scan to email – is counter-productive. In a guest blog, Y Soft argues that it is actually harmful for business to scan to email.


In Part 2, Y Soft discusses the processing that occurs after a scan is captured that helps organizations.

Powerful Processing 
Many document capture software solutions create an image; there is little processing and the quality of the image can be poor. At Y Soft, we realized that providing organizations with a scan solution that creates high quality, usable documents could greatly improve productivity.

YSoft SafeQ’s scan processing has many benefits that improve productivity:

  • Consistent processing automatically applied. Yields editable, searchable documents, saving time and effort, and provides security “at rest”
  • Consistent file naming
  • Ultimate document capture efficiency

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