Our Lab Won’t Disturb the Neighbors…But It Keeps Our Competition Awake at Night

At Katun, we make it our business to understand the office equipment you service inside and out. In our state-of-the-art research and development facility, Katun engineers and technical specialists are focused on providing you with the world’s best values in office equipment parts and supplies.

Developed and tested in our practical applications laboratory, virtually every Katun product must demonstrate excellent in-machine performance before it is introduced. We maintain over 550 copiers, facsimiles, printers and multifunctional devices to conduct our tests, and our entire testing area is constantly maintained at a “normal” operating environment for office equipment: 70° F (21 C° ) ± 2° , and 50 percent relative humidity (50% RH) ± 5%.

In addition to the new and older-generation machines in which we conduct performance and life testing, trained technical specialists operate high technology instrumentation to analyze critical materials properties and corresponding performance characteristics of both Katun and competitive products. Many of these sensitive instruments are operated in a Class M6.5 Clean Room for measurement integrity and precision.

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