Major New Release of One Q Software Performs up to 12 Times Faster!

New One Q server version 5.1.9 is up to 12 times faster!

One Q, the leading print management software company, has announced a substantial re-engineering of its server software. Version 5.1.9 will deliver dramatically superior performance, which in turn will enable larger organisations to significantly increase the performance of their print management solution. The new release, available from 2 June 2020, will be made available as standard to new users, and at no additional cost to existing users with an active maintenance agreement.

According to One Q, Version 5.1.9 is expected to run up to 12 times faster than the current release. “Some of the more significant improvements include the server’s integration with our database and the handling of the cache. However, we also examined our entire server-side architecture to see where even the smallest efficiencies could be made,” explained Christoffer Groot, Product Manager at One Q’s global headquarters in Copenhagen. “5.1.9 represents the culmination of a huge amount of painstaking development work, and underscores our commitment to delivering the very best for our users.”

“The new release is so fast that users no longer need such high-performance print servers when they choose to run the solution on their own premises. This can offer significant cost savings. When printing in larger organisations with a heavy print load, it also improves the user experience by reducing the time between pressing the print button to receiving the printed documents.”

Other enhancements in Version 5.1.9 include:

  • Laying the groundwork for another major release in the near future which will make the handling of certificates extremely easy. Again, this opens up this type of print management solution to smaller organisations whose IT admin functions have less experience in handling certificates.
  • Updates which will reduce the number of support tickets generated, which in turn will deliver faster response and resolution times across the board for users.

According to Christoffer Groot: “At One Q, we very carefully plan and schedule regular updates, ensuring that they’re informed by as much market intelligence as we can gather from our users, our OEM partners and our distribution network. This enables us to react very quickly to their evolving needs as well as unexpected shifts in the market – such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and the way the lockdown has affected where and how people are now doing their print.”

One Q’s webinar on the business impact of the pandemic on the print industry, featuring strategic market insight and intelligence delivered by Louella Fernandes from Quocirca, dated 14 May 2020, remains available to you here. 

Link to news article with technical and business benefits described:

With our unique and patented One Driver solution, we provide device-independent and full-featured, secure and simple print management for enterprise customers all over the world. Our software is based on cloud technology, easy and simple to deploy and manage.

Our solution provides our customers the complete freedom of using Windows, Linux, IBM Power or IBM System Z platforms and allow you to take control over print costs, create time saving workflows and ensuring highest level of security.

One Q has received a Platinum rating by Buyers Lab Tested Solutions 2020, and also awarded by Duke, as well as identified as “cool” by Gartner for our print management solution.

We sell and offer services to our customers worldwide through a network of skilled and certified partners with whom we have a close relation to. This is your guarantee of accurate and professional support throughout the whole process from your first contact to with us, to implementing our solution and beyond.

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Major new release of One Q software performs up to 12 times faster!

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