Creating an ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device’ Workplace: an Interview with Epson CIO Michael Wang

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in mid-March, companies across the world were caught off guard by a seemingly overnight switch to remote working. Missing from their ranks? Epson.

The days of Lotus Notes and Sametime long behind us, Epson entered the pandemic equipped with leading collaboration software and tools, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and more. Not only that, but many employees were already seasoned pros with these tools.

We sat down with Michael Wang, Epson’s Chief Information Officer, and Vice President, Digital Innovation, to discuss how Epson’s forward-thinking approach to technology helped us work together during this time, and what’s ahead for our company.

When local and state officials began issuing stay-at-home orders in mid-March, Epson was prepared with Zoom and Teams, which we had introduced months earlier. Can you talk about why your team chose these products — and to implement them when we did?

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