Coco Training

Eighty- two percent of all sales teams today are understaffed. This is an industry wide challenge…Coco Training has an end to end solution.

  • Coco Training collaborates with dealers to attract high quality candidates.
  • Our process is a high level experience for the candidate; one that makes your company special and unique.
  • We guarantee
  • All of the candidates belong to you.
  • We learn about your company and customize job postings that cater to the millennials.
  • Coco Training makes first contact and informs the candidates we are a strategic partner of your company. This is impressive to the candidate which elevates their opinion of your company making the opportunity even more desirable.
  • We provide a well-crafted On Boarding Process, Sales Expectations, and a Sales Rep Daily Activity System.
  • Coco Training will perform Pre- Screens of sales candidates saving you time, bringing you only quality professionals allowing your managers to focus on driving sales.
  • Since most managers have never been taught the art of the Interview and Selection Process, we will educate and train all hiring managers on the industries best and most effective techniques…Behavioral Interviewing.
  • Coco Training has created an evaluation metric that every hiring manager will use to grade out the candidate.
  • This proven system leads to better and more accurate decisions with a strong ROI.
  • All this for a fraction of the price paid to head hunters.

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Larry Coco, Founder and president of Coco Training & Coaching- a premier training company driving the growth of sales organizations. 914.588.5384

Simply put, these are the Best and more Impactful Training Programs in our Industry, Dave Hodges