3 Ways to Track Printing at Home Using PaperCut

By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut – Working remotely has its pros and cons. It can mean more doggo/kitteh cuddles. It can also mean ordinary tasks become obstacles if you don’t have access to all office resources.

Take remote printing. It might be the biggest blocker for your distributed working setup – especially if you need to track printing for cost recovery. Hopefully, no longer.

We’ve been supporting many organizations to transition their print management to suit our current remote ways of working.

So, to continue helping more people with their remote printing using PaperCut, we gathered our learnings and authored an extensive guide in our Knowledge Base. Hop on over and you’ll find in-depth instructions.

But for the TL;DR crowd, here’s a quick breakdown of 3 ways to enable and manage printing for distributed working environments.

  1. Printing to a shared printer without a VPN connection

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