A Fast, Efficient Way to Create Electronic Patient Records and Integration with Existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems

PSIGEN provides numerous solutions for organizations in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a hospital, health insurance provider, private medical practice or medical claims processor, PSIGEN can provide your organization with the tools to simplify and improve your document processes.

Automate Processes to Improve Efficiency

PSIcapture’s auto-import functionality allows users to scan documents from multiple locations to monitored network folders. The documents are then automatically imported into PSIcapture for processing. Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) parses through the document’s text to find specific key terms and expressions in order to automatically extract information.

Database lookups provide automated validation of indexed data by integrating with your existing database systems. PSIcapture is compatible with more than 60 ECMs, providing seamless migration to whatever system you use for storing records.

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Scan, Arrange and Store Any Type of Document with Speed and Ease.