5 Ways The Print Industry Uses AI from Xerox

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By BYTES DOCUMENT SOLUTIONSIf you take an interest in annual industry predictions, you’ll have noticed artificial intelligence (AI) tops nearly every reputable 2018 list. Amid the sensationalist claims of robots stealing human jobs and societal concerns about AI spinning out of control, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was on hand to ground the AI conversation firmly in the present.

In its 2018 AI Predictions, PwC stated that 2018 is the year that “AI will come down to earth — and get to work”.

PwC predicts that in 2018, AI will finally start doing things, yet not necessarily in ways which set the world alight per certain overzealous media headlines.

Here’s how Xerox puts artificial intelligence to work for the print industry right now.

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