Justifying Your Existence 3-Part Series: #1- Measure Performance

Justifying Your Existence: Part One- Measure Performance

By Howie Fenton – In the recent PRIMIR study entitled “Digital Printing Technology’s Influence on the U.S. In-Plant Printing Market” that IMG worked on with IDC, we identified that the top in-plant challenges focused on justifying:

  1. Investments in new print technology
  2. The value of the in-plant, and
  3. Investing in non-print technology or services.

I will discuss steps in my next three blogs that you can take that will form a strategy to help overcome justification issues. There are three steps in all– measure performance, benchmark performance and build a “Battle Book” of justifications. This post will focus on measuring performance.

Justification Challenge question graphicGood and Bad Measurements

Performance data and benchmarking are the best tools to address justification, especially when your in-plant comes under attack by outsourcers or facilities management firms that claim they can do the work more productively and at a lower cost. Solid, quantifiable performance— and the measurement of that performance— helps you counter those attacks.

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