Thinking of Heading to the Cloud? Here are some Ricoh Tips for Making Data Work more Effectively

Conceptual image representing digital software cloud computing technology

By ​George Dearing, Ricoh – Everyone’s talking about the cloud. But how do you make sure your data plays nice with your new technology?

Data integration is a common concern among those tackling the new world of work. But in fact, it’s not a very new concern. Since the mid to late ’90s, companies have fought enterprise silos, proprietary interfaces, and outdated platforms just to reach some semblance of order. These days, we have cloud acronyms like IaaS and SaaS, which promise to ease our integration pains and unify our data. Are they working?

Let’s look at some of today’s common challenges and find out what businesses can do to develop the right blueprint for data integration.

More applications, more silos?

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