Why Printers Don’t Invest in Workflow: Survey Says…

This is the second article in a series of three that attempts to answer why companies are reluctant to invest in workflow automation software. In the first article, we dispelled five myths. We will focus on data in this article.

According to the Idealliance “2017 Capital Investment Study,” there is data that the lack of productivity in the printing industry may soon change. As we reported in an earlier blog, the study found that the three top investments reported by printing companies are operational:

  • 67% say they want to achieve a more efficient workflow.
  • 66% report the need to automate processes and reduce labor costs.
  • 61% want to work faster to shrink turnaround times.

Where is this surge in investments?

The problem is that we have not seen this flurry of investments yet and we are not alone. Pat McGrew, the Production Workflow Service Director at KeyPoint Intelligence | InfoTrends acknowledged this reluctance at a recent webinar1, stating, “American printers say that investing in automation is hard for them. They feel that they have too many pieces of software working in different departments that don’t talk to each other. They are thinking ‘Why invest in more software that is unlikely to integrate?’”

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