Healthe Care Australia Provides BYOD Print Solution For Visiting Medical Officers

By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut – Healthe Care Australia is the third-largest private hospital operator in the country.

First established in 2005, Healthe Care Australia has grown to over 30 hospitals and healthcare facilities, mainly across Australia’s Eastern seaboard. Combined, their locations house more than 2,500 beds and 70 operating theatres, with a workforce of 7,500 nurses and administrative employees.

To cater for Healthe Care’s geographic footprint and rapidly-evolving business needs, they needed a mobile printing (BYOD) solution.

We had a chat with Aaran Stent, CIO for Healthe Care Australia.

PAPERCUT: How long have you been with Healthe Care?

AARAN STENT: 13 years, so almost from the start.

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