NT-ware Launches COSMOS Website

New Dedicated NT-ware COSMOS Website

Since the COSMOS business was moved from Canon Germany and Océ to NT-ware, we have continuously worked to improve the product and its visibility on the market.

Today, NT-ware announces the launch of a brand new, dedicated website for NT-ware COSMOS.
Visit www.nt-ware.com/cosmos to check-out all its features, benefits and information on product updates.

Clean Design and Well Structured

The new NT-ware COSMOS website has an intuitive navigation, lean design and simple structure. It is easy to find product information, including features and benefits, as well as more in-depth knowledge with regards to the SAP certification and technologies used.

About NT-ware COSMOS

NT-ware COSMOS is a platform independent, rule-based Client-Server application with a highly flexible workflow designer to organize, monitor, control and measure repetitive document processes.

NT-ware COSMOS integrates and automates business relevant processes and applications into one manageable and consistent workflow. Due to unique business requirements, workflows can be fully automated, invoking the different processes and applications at the right moment based on pre-defined rules. NT-ware COSMOS can replace manual steps to increase efficiency, reduce the risk of errors and allows full workflow-control from a single point of operation. Every step of the workflow is logged and stored in a library for review at another time.

Once workflows are automated via NT-ware COSMOS, users can concentrate more on core business matters. Maximize the value of your business by running processes automatically in the background. The bi-directional communication ensures efficient communication between NT-ware COSMOS, connected applications and services.


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