InfoTrends InfoBlog: Solution Focus- RSA’s Vendor Neutral Options

InfoTrends Advice: Seek out Production Workflow Options Like RSA’s

In a recent blog, Pat McGrew, Director Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends Production Workflow Service, wrote that getting to an automated workflow requires the right tools and work plan. McGrew explained that while some organizations rely on their hardware vendor for workflow tool recommendations, some organizations require independent research to find the tools that will work best.

She suggests one approach that the workflow team take is to seek out vendor-neutral workflow options that support the major hardware vendors and open interfaces to share data and reporting. McGrew cites that three of Rochester Software Associates’ (RSA) solutions meet the brief to provide the workflow infrastructure that an organization needs.

Read the post, “Solution Focus: RSA’s Vendor Neutral Options” to see her full analysis and why she feels that “…the production workflow solutions from RSA should be included on your review list when it is time to either add new workflow automation or when it is time to do a review of current capabilities against best practices in workflow.”

Pat McGew can be reached at: Keypoint Intellience or via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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