Patriots Pack Hits The Road In Arizona

2020 FI Ride

Day T-1

By JB “Papa” Brostrom – 24 hours to kickstands up.  Today is preparation day.  At our advanced “wisdom” it should be Preparation H day!  Leathers, check. Riding glasses, check. Sunscreen, check.  Statins, check.  Pain relief, check. Antacid, check. Calcium Channel Blockers, check.  Monkey Butt, better hope Paco has his!

The FI ride begins tomorrow (Saturday 5/16) morning.  We’re the Michael Jordans of riding… COVID can’t stop us, it can only hope to contain us!

I swear it is true that even Hollywierd (did I type that out loud?) is following us.  Well it is apparent that my inner dialog has appeared.  I know the proper term is inner monolog but in this case there is clearly two voices in here.

This year we ride for no specific reason other than to show support and solidarity to the generous sponsors and donors who have followed us and even hosted us in years past.  We officially fire up the engines at 9:00am Phoenix time on 5/15.  There will be a Zoom-casted kickoff at 8:30am MST-

PDT/10:30 CDT/11:30 EDT:

Meeting ID: 820 5376 6112

Password: 733864

Join us online with daily updates as we ride again to celebrate America!


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