7 Tech Trends That Will Define 2020 According to PaperCutters

By Snehal Kshirsagar , PaperCut – This post started life as “Tech trends we’re hyped for in 2020”. However, as the PaperCutters who contributed to it discussed this topic, we realized the focus had to change.

You see, we’d had this post planned since the year began. Then COVID-19 hit, delaying its publication. Now that we can finally publish it, due to the ever-shifting landscape we now reside in courtesy of this global pandemic, the concept of looking forward to the future is mired with uncertainty.

But as precarious as our current predicament is, the world will keep spinning (then we can get back to dealing with climate change!). That isn’t to take COVID-19 lightly either. We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift.

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