Konica Minolta and Partner Launch Japan’s First Public Wireless LAN Service For Business

Konica Minolta and Wire & Wireless Launch
Japan’s First * 1 Business Public Wireless LAN Service
Supporting Enterprise Telework with High-Security and Low-Cost Communication Infrastructure

Konica Minolta Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masae Yamana; hereinafter Konica Minolta) and KDDI Group, a mobile communication company specializing in providing public wireless LAN services, Wire & Co., Ltd. Wireless (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Koji Otsuka; hereinafter Wi2) has formed a business tie-up with the provision of public wireless LAN services for business.

With this business alliance, Konica Minolta will launch Japan’s first high-security public wireless LAN service for business (service name: bizhub Spot) on April 10, utilizing Wi2 communication infrastructure. bizhub Spot is a service that allows unlimited use of public wireless LANs with more than 100,000 access points in Japan * 2 without communication restrictions. In addition, it employs a high-security communication method and authentication platform equivalent to corporate wireless LANs, and automatically connects to secure Wi-Fi just by opening a terminal without the need for connection operations. This supports the introduction of telework by companies suffering from communication methods and costs, and accelerates workplace reforms at work sites.

* 1 Asa public wireless LAN service provided in Japan and compatible with EAP / VPN specialized for corporate use

* 2 As of theend of March 2020

◆ Background provided by bizhub Spot

As society changes and many companies are required to reform their work styles, Konica Minolta offers a “IJIKAN DESIGN” service that supports new work styles that increase corporate productivity and creativity. Konica Minolta’s “IJIKAN DESIGN” service not only reduces general work hours, but also proposes optimal work styles for customers, such as improving productivity and improving work-life balance by using the reduced time. I am.
In particular, in recent years, the need for teleworking has increased as a way to increase productivity and reduce employee working hours, in addition to working style reforms. In addition, more and more companies are now working at home due to the effects of the new coronavirus. However, with the introduction and operation of telework, mobile communication costs and restrictions on the amount of communication used outside the company have become issues, and many general affairs and information systems departments have been worried. Konica Minolta focused on the fact that Wi2’s high-security, high-quality, unlimited public wireless LAN / VPN infrastructure can be used as a new communication infrastructure that supports corporate telework. bizhub Spot has changed the specifications of the Giga Elephant Wi-Fi, a high-security public wireless LAN / VPN service for individuals using Wi2, so that it can be used by companies as well. This is a service with corporate functions added. Konica Minolta will contribute to solving the problems of companies suffering from telework communication through bizhub Spot.

◆ Value provided by bizhub Spot

1.Auto in leading more than 100,000 * 2 of public wireless LAN access point

In the bizhub Spot, Konica Minolta and Wi2 domestic more than 100,000 revolves around * 2 in the wireless LAN access point, automatic connection function can only communication open a terminal * 3 provides. Supports food chains such as cafes and family restaurants, major railway stations and trains, and space for some corporate visitors. You.

* 3Compatible with Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android. The range of access points that can be automatically connected differs depending on the OS used.

2.High security specifications that can be introduced with confidence in companies

bizhub Spot uses the same encryption / authentication method * 4 as the wireless LAN in a company at the spot where users connect . Just by bringing a PC, smartphone or tablet into the communication area, encrypted communication is always performed, protecting important business data from the risk of dangerous access points such as eavesdropping on wireless sections and SSID spoofing. Unlike ordinary free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi provided by each facility, there is no need to perform security checks before use, connection operations and registration procedures every time, and secure Wi-Fi just by opening the terminal Connect automatically.

* 4WPA2 enterprise method (EAP-TTLS authentication compatible with AES encryption and server certificate) is available in major areas.

3.Unlimited communication network for a fixed monthly fee

The bizhub Spot is a monthly fee of 780 yen / person (excluding tax), and over 100,000 * 2 access points nationwide can be used with unlimited traffic. Therefore, sharing of large files, remote desktop, video conferencing, etc., which tend to be expensive in mobile communication such as tethering, can be used with confidence. bizhub Spot contributes not only to companies that have not introduced telework due to mobile communication issues, but also to companies that have issues with mobile communication restrictions after the introduction of telework.

4. Easy and easy installation and operation

bizhub Spot can be easily introduced simply by registering your ID and password on your existing PC, smartphone or tablet. In addition, once the settings are made, it is automatically connected to the corresponding Wi-Fi spot. In addition, you can manage and notify employee accounts from the bizhub Spot dedicated corporate administrator screen. In addition, there is no need to purchase a dedicated communication device such as tethering or a Wi-Fi router, and there is no upper limit on the amount of communication.

5. VPN function to enhance security of Wi-Fi communication other than bizhub Spot, such as at home and overseas

bizhub Spot encrypts communication routes in case you have to use a network with security concerns, such as access points installed at home, various facilities in Japan and overseas, and free Wi-Fi. VPN service is provided as standard, and all communication contents are protected with one click * 5 after the Internet connection is completed. The VPN server is operated in Japan in the same way as the public wireless LAN infrastructure deployed by Wi2, and has a wideband backbone so it can be used with confidence by businesses.

* 5 ForWindows and MacOS X. On iOS and Android, when you install the app, VPN is automatically connected according to the Wi-Fi encryption status.

About Konica Minolta

Based on the concept of Intelligent Connected Workplace, Konica Minolta connects people, places and devices, proposes a work style that is not restricted by time and place, and contributes to improving productivity and creativity of customers. Going forward, we will continue to discover issues by analyzing customer data, and evolve into a “problem-speaking digital company” that will solve these issues together as a partner.

About Wire and Wireless (Wi2)

Wi2 is a mobile communication service provider specializing in providing public wireless LAN services in the KDDI Group. We provide carrier Wi-Fi services such as our own branded services “Giga Elephant Wi-Fi” and “Wi2300”, and “au Wi-Fi SPOT” for au smartphone users, as well as free Wi-Fi under corporate and local government brands. Wi-Fi systems are widely used for -Fi services, and Wi-Fi spots are operated throughout Japan.

【Customer Inquiries】

Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. Customer Consultation Office TEL: 0120-805-039

*Product specifications, appearance and price are subject to change without notice.


Good design

Konica Minolta’s domestic sales company, Konica Minolta Japan K.K., has been thinking about what a better way of working is, implementing its own practices, and providing the knowledge gained there to its customers. Now that the term “work style reform” has become common, based on the experience so far, Konica Minolta’s concept of working styles that they should aim for in the future is “good” Time design. ”

Breaking down the time of working people, there are three types of work, “work time”, “creating time” to create new ideas, and “self time” to rest, nurture, learn, and broaden the field of view. I believe. In general, the way of thinking about working style reform is mainly focused on reducing this “work time”, but Konica Minolta not only reduces it, but also “creation time”, “self time”, etc. We believe that it is important to increase “Ijikan”, that is, to increase productivity and creativity.

URL: https://www.konicaminolta.jp/business/solution/ejikan/index.html

Giga Elephant Wi-Fi

“ Giga Elephant Wi-Fi ”, which is the base of bizhub Spot, is a membership-based service that allows you to use a highly secure public wireless LAN network unique to a telecommunications carrier without worrying about time and capacity . With an environment that is easy for individual customers to use, such as a friendly user interface with a dedicated smartphone application and various and easy online payments, videos mainly for customers using MVNO operators’ SIMs and bargain smartphones It is used as a service to meet the growing demand for large-capacity data communication due to the spread of distribution and music streaming.

SOURCE Konica Minolta

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