7 Signs Your Document Management Software Is Reaching End of Life

By Joan Honig, DocuWare – Once your organization deploys a document management solution, it becomes an integral part of your technology infrastructure. This may lead you to ignore the signs that your software solution is reaching its End of Life (Eol). Don’t wait until a software vendor decides that they are no longer updating the product your organization depends on.

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EoL is also called sunsetting. Tech Target explains, “Products and services are often sunsetted when they are no longer sufficiently profitable or when a company decides to change its focus.” In addition, due to the scope of some technology advancements it may be more cost-effective to develop new software than to re-engineer an existing product. Make sure that your organization recognizes the signs that your software isn’t keeping pace with cutting-edge technology and may be close to EoL. Then your team can make an educated decision about how to move forward.

Don’t Ignore These Signs

Your document management solution may be reaching EoL if you notice that it:

  1. Is not future-ready

A software solution should be able to communicate between Windows programs, HTML5 web clients, and native mobile applications. It should also integrate seamlessly with updated versions of your ERP, new or existing line-of- business software and be compatible with new operating systems and hardware.

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