The Benefits of Telework for Your Employees and Your Customers

This is the perfect time to help your customers to begin Telework 

  • Socials distancing made easy– Employees can stay home at safe away from potential health risks, easily and quickly without costly deployments and hardware.
  • Low operational costs– keeping costs low is always important to businesses. RingByName allows employees to work remotely as the need arises—without any additional licenses or fees—its part of the package.
  • Easy to implement– working remotely is as easy as taking your desk phone home and plugging it into the internet or forwarding your calls to your cell phone or landline with RingByName’s apps. No complicated setups or IT experts required.
  • Quick deployment– RingByName can be set up and configured to route calls to your employees’ cell phones within hours—even before their new VoIP telephones are delivered.
  • Helps the environment– whether employees are gain an hour’s worth of commute time to spend with their families or sleep in.
  • Reduced office distractions– working from home offers some a quiet and comfortable space leading to a boost in productivity.

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Simple and Safe Telework Solution from RingByName