Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office, COVID19 and The Jillian Fund; A Chat With Bill McLaughlin

Bill McLaughlin is the Chief Technology Officer at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office, an office technology company with 6 locations covering parts of NY, NJ and PA. Atlantic offers products and solutions from major players such as Ricoh, Konica Minolta, HP, Kyocera, Savin and Toshiba among others.

Bill is also Chairman of The Jillian Fund, an amazing organization that helps people afford to spend time by their chronically ill child’s side in the hospital instead of going to work. They literally keep the lights on for people so they can be with their kid when they’re needed most. This is the charity that the Patriots Pack has ridden for over the last several years, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for the fund from imaging dealers and industry vendors.

Watch as Bill chats with Andy about COVID-19 and Atlantic and how they’re handling the virus as well as What’s Happenin’ with the The Jillian Fund and their decision to change the annual Gala’s format. (HINT – They’re keeping the Nov. 19 date, but changing to a virtual venue).

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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