Personalized Direct Marketing For ANYONE With FREE Fiery FreeForm Create

Get Ready Now for the All-clear with EFI Fiery

Is your print shop ready for business openings in the coming weeks? Will you capture the potential volume surge, and will your operation be able to handle it?

The Fiery team at EFI has been developing ways to help printers and in-plants prepare for the business world’s reopening. They have identified several likely challenges which printing operations will face in the coming weeks as businesses begin to restart:

  • Customers will want effective, targeted direct marketing materials to announce openings and to drive business.
  • No one knows precisely when or how restarting the economy will occur, but decisions will likely happen at the last minute.
  • Expect high volumes of low-complexity, fast-turnaround, short-run work.
  • Printers probably aren’t considering new investments or implementations before this occurs.
  • But, printing operations have time to prepare now.

Wednesday, May 6: Personalized direct marketing for ANYONE with FREE Fiery FreeForm Create
Fiery solutions have a way to handle customer needs for targeted direct marketing materials.

  • Learn how to personalize static PDF files with variable text and graphics
  • Discover how designers, or even end-customers, can create and submit personalized jobs
  • See how to modify new, free templates professionally designed for post-crisis openings
  • Realize how Fiery customers, even if they’ve never done variable data before, can do this without any investment and very little training

The Fiery team has developed three free educational webinars coupled with promotions to provide ideas and training for printing operations to address these challenges. Visit to learn more and register.


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