How You Can Help Higher Ed Print Centers

ACUP Higher Ed Print Conference

The Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) held its 54thnational conference last week in New Haven Connecticut, hosted by Yale University and their impressive in-plant operation (Yale is the 11thlargest higher ed in-plant, according to In-plant Impressions’ “Largest University In-plants, 2018survey).

The conference featured a mix of paid speaker keynotes and presentations primarily delivered by higher ed in-plant managers from around the US. Presentation topics ranged from color, direct mail, wide format, VDP, production digital color equipment, inkjet, substrates, implementing Web to print, how to successfully work with a younger generation workforce, demonstrating value to the parent organization, and more, and culminated in a tour of the Yale in-plant operation.

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Four Challenges Dealers and Equipment Vendors can Help Higher Ed Printers Solve

While there seems to be some optimism, higher education print centers still face challenges that dealers and vendors can help with, including:

  1. Budget and resource challenges
  2. Keeping work in-house or bringing work in that’s been sent out
  3. Gaining control of the MFP fleet (about half control the fleet)
  4. Staying top of mind with customers/demonstrating value to the parent organization

The first step to help higher education print centers is to understand them. Our “In-Plant Primer 101: Trends and Challenges” eBook offers an overview and insight to a few of the top challenges this sector faces. Armed with this knowledge, and working with an expert partner in this space like RSA, you can bring ideas, information, and expertise about equipment, capabilities, software, relevant peer case studies and more to a segment that is hungry for your knowledge to address their challenges.

Contact a member of RSA’s Business Development team today to learn more about how you can help higher education printers.

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