Paper Consumption Takes a Great Toll on the Environment. Practice Smart Printing and Save the Trees! PaperCut from ACDI

PaperCut MF Provides User Insight into the Environmental Impact of Printing

To begin, let’s consider the following, very simple, yet very true facts:

  1. Copy Machines consume a lot of paper.
  2. Paper consumption takes a toll on the environment.

Given these facts, users of copy machines confront a unique problem: How to reconcile the benefits of printer usage with the potential environmental impact of paper consumption? As a leader in the print management space, ACDI, alongside our partner Papercut, has the solution: Provide users of copy machines with software built to showcase immediate information and insight into the environmental impact of time at the printer.

Why?  Providing users with information about the environmental impact of paper consumption can often, in turn, change user habits and behaviors.

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