Why You May Be Having Difficulty Hiring

Hiring managers may have experienced a situation where, despite meeting with a stream of candidates for an open position, they can’t find a qualified applicant. While they may hold out hope for finding the ideal candidate, having job vacancies open for an extended period of time can be costly to the business and burden current staff members. Alternatively, a hiring manager may rush through the process of bringing on a new employee, but after a short time, they discover that the new hire isn’t the right fit for the job.

Given today’s competitive labor market, what are some common reasons why hiring teams may struggle to fill open positions? What are some effective ways to help overcome these challenges to increase your chances of securing strong, qualified team members?

Why it can be difficult to hire effectively

Many hiring managers can make mistakes during the hiring process, particularly if they have unrealistically high expectations or preconceived notions of who they’re looking for at the onset. For example, they may identify specific traits across interviewees, then pursue an imaginary “unicorn” candidate who possesses all of these attributes. But the reality is that finding and attracting such a candidate can be nearly impossible.

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