Donating Sewing Machines, Helping Customers Go Remote – What’s Happenin’ with Brother in COVID19 Times

A What’s Happenin’ in Person (WHIP) video with Dan Waldinger and Joe Ashcraft of Brother International.

Watch as Industry Analysts Inc’s Andy Slawetsky interviews Dan and Joe about life during the Coronavirus how they’re handling CPVID-19 in northern and southern NJ.

During the interview, Joe and Dan talk about the forthcoming announcement that Brother was donating sewing machines to help clothiers like Brooks Brothers and others make masks for healthcare workers.

With a variety of products and services designed to help remote workers, listen as Dan and Joe tell Andy about how their helping their dealers and customers.

This video is part of an ongoing series designed to keep the office equipment industry updated on What’s Happenin’ with key manufacturers and OEMs.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

Brother International Corporation Supports Apparel Companies to Accelerate COVID-19 Mask Production