Kyocera South Africa; COVID-19 Update and Advice

The following was sent to me by Kim Swift of Kyosave South Africa. An update on their community and some sound advice for safekeeping around the office. Thanks Kim!

We, in South Africa are now in total “lockdown”, something very few businesses, (if any) were prepared for!

As this COVID-19 Virus continues to create havoc across the world, one way we are trying to reduce its contamination in the Office is to request all staff to continuously swab down all Touch Screens and buttons on the Office MFP.

It is the one point in an office that most people will come into contact and yet no-one has thought about sanitising this area.

Frequently wiping down the panel with surgical spirits will profoundly reduce the spread. (Don’t use Methylated Spirits!)

Please put the word out there. The rest of the world cannot afford you guys to “close for business”

Be responsible and keep well.

SOURCE Kyocera South Africa

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