ACDI Sponsors Imaging Industry COVID19 Happy Hour; Donation Made To Benton Arkansas Healthcare Organization

On April 9, about 70 people from across the imaging industry came together for a virtual Zoom happy hour, the second in a series of charitable events hosted by Industry Analysts Inc. to raise money for COVID19-related charities.

Last week, IA Inc’s Andy Slawetsky committed to a $5 donation for each attendee at the happy hour, which lead to a donation that will buy 50 meals for URMC Hospital Healthcare Workers here in Rochester, NY (more about that charity here).

This week, we moved Happy Hour from Friday to Thursday April 9 because of the holiday and ACDI sponsored round 2 with a nice COVID19 donation made in their name to Saline Health Foundation, right down the street from ACDI in Benton Arkansas!

Take a quick peak at last week’s happy hour that once again had people from across the US, UK, Canada and Panama!

Zoom Happy Hour details for Friday are coming soon. See you then! ~Andy

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

Join Us Again! ACDI Sponsors 2nd Imaging Industry Happy Hour, donating to COVID-19 Charity