Streamline and speed up document processes with Reform VDP

What is Reform VDP?

Reform VDP (Variable Data Printing) is a workflow solution that provides companies with the technology to enhance their business documents, and in doing so, significantly boost document processing speed, reduce print-related costs, and improve overall business productivity.

The days of ordering pre-printed forms are gone—Reform VDP can print your documents to desktop printers and multi-function devices using plain paper. Automatically populate documents with unique data taken from scanned documents, line of business applications, or user printing. Reform VDP intelligently captures the appropriate data, then systematically generates new documents with this information, and delivers them to network drivers, folders, printers, email accounts, fax machines, and archive systems. It is a complete, end-to-end workflow solution.

Reform VDP Workflow Image

A Deeper Look into Reform VDP’s Designer

Through its intuitive design interface, Reform VDP’s Designer Tool can improve the appearance of a document, while reducing or eliminating the reliance on manual processes such as data entry and routing. Add intelligence to forms so crucial data is correctly populated within the business document, and then delivered to its correct destination, all in one seamless process.

Using our Zonal OCR feature, select specific zones on a form for pinpoint data capture, and allow Reform VDP’s automatic routing capabilities to deliver the document in either PDF or TIFF format to its appropriate location. Only the selected data capture zones will be utilized to index each document, which means less data entry mistakes and higher processing efficiency.

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So what exactly can you do with Reform VDP?

  • Speed up your company’s document processing through Reform VDP’s automatic data population and document routing. Route to archive systems, folder structures, inboxes, fax servers, or printers.
  • Capture data from multiple sources such as scanned images, line of business applications, or user print jobs.
  • Use Reform VDP’s Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature to capture only specific bits of information off a scanned image. This data is then used to index the document before being delivered.
  • Save on print costs by using regular printing paper and eliminating the need to purchase and store pre-printed forms.
  • Quickly edit old, obsolete forms using our easy-to-use, “What You See Is What You Get” Form Designer Tool.

How Can FabSoft’s Reform Link Benefit SMB’s?