Meet Presto Station: The Most Advanced Enterprise Printing Solution In The World

Turn virtually any printer and tablet into a secure release station

Simple And Intuitive
Presto Station gives users a simplified, beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use experience for secure release pull printing. Authenticate to Presto Station via your phone and Presto turns it into a personal release station.

Print To One Printer
Print to Presto’s Magic Queue from PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or ChromeOS devices anywhere on your network. Unlike other solutions, only one Magic Queue is needed regardless of how many print servers are on the network.

One Workflow
Presto Station functions the same regardless of printer model or manufacturer. Users benefit by having an identical user experience across all hardware.

Effortless Set Up
Setting up Presto Station is fast. Configuring a tablet for Presto Station can take as little as 30 seconds.

Presto Station Video

*Tablets/Stands/Printers Not Included
Patent Pending

Presto 2.5 Release Notes

Presto is BYOD first