Canon’s A3 Inkjet Range Goes Through All The Datamaster Lab Tests

20 March 2020

To photocopier market specialists like us, this is the most intriguing new release we have seen in the office world since OKI went LED.

The Canon A3 range of WG inkjets is not just the first business A3 inkjet copier Canon have brought to the market. Canon are also experimenting with selling the range through equipment wholesalers, and not through their widespread and highly skilled dealer channel. Canon’s view is that the range has few consumables, and so should be easy for end users to maintain.

So, we were pleased to get one in the lab. Strengths include how fast it can run on simple jobs. Dropping quality to 300 dpi means it can run a lot faster than its spec. Canon don’t publish speeds for A3 on these machines, but this 50 A4 ppm model can beat 25 A3 ppm – and top 45 A3 ppm at 300 dpi on low to medium coverage prints. That’s 90% of A4 spec onto A3. Letter/ledger will be similar. Impressive.

As with most inkjet machines, productivity does depend on the coverage of the page and also the complexity of the images contained in the document.

Weaknesses are mostly [Read the full article on DataMaster Online]

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