Webinar Tips and Pointers from Sharp Senior Sales Engineer

By Saundra Merollo, Sharp Electronics – I once read a #GoodWebinar‘s can be a little like independent movies-they leave you feeling wonderful, inspired, and ready to take on the world!” I have been a remote employee for most of my career.

Webinars for me are the norm. That’s not the case for everyone. I have put together a few tips I hope you find useful.

Most of all please feel free share your best practices for all in the comment section and we grow and learn together!

Don’t create slides that you plan to read verbatim; It would seem this goes without saying. People read faster than you can talk, so not only are they finished reading before you are finished speaking, they are distracted by your voice. Remember, your stories fill in the space between the bullet points – using only key words on the slides.

Without your story, what value is there in joining the webinar?

Collaborate rather than lecture; Work to make participants partners in learning. You may be hosting the webinar however many that are joining the call have a great deal of experience and can contribute in driving interaction. Consider calling on participants by name (let them know ahead of time that you’ll be doing this). Use this strategically to encourage dialogue and collaboration, and not discourage participation

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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