Professional Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud Grows Over 4,000 Using DocuWare Cloud

More Than 2 Million Documents in DocuWare Cloud

With its cloud-based solution, DocuWare is a pioneer in the ECM market, and continues to invest in its development. Particularly in the second half of 2014, the company saw a marked increase in demand as well as growth in productive users for its cloud solution, both in the United States as well as Europe. The trend continues to date.

DocuWare Online Becomes DocuWare Cloud

By changing the name from DocuWare Online to DocuWare Cloud, the software developer has further clarified its branding. This name change, by no means, affected functionality: DocuWare Cloud continues to offer the complete functionality of an on premise system.

What makes SaaS solutions special is that all customers share the same infrastructure. DocuWare now operates its cloud offerings on the Microsoft Azure platform in Ireland and the United States. This provides optimal conditions for scaling a system. Fluctuating load requirements can be easily accommodated to serve different application scenarios. The dimensions of the complete system offer top performance at any time. Thanks to the resulting cost savings, DocuWare Cloud users benefit from a highly competitive price. At the same time, the architecture guarantees maximum system availability.

Access via a browser or mobile app is standard. DocuWare also ensures that all documents are protected from unauthorized access – security measures include everything from securing the communication path through appropriate encryption (HTTPS, SSL) to encrypted storage of documents in the data center.

More Than 2 Million Documents in DocuWare Cloud

A growing customer base makes it clear that the market is ripening. By CeBIT 2015, the company had 93 organizations using its cloud-based document management system. DocuWare anticipates this number to double by year end, reaching the break-even point on its investment. Even more impressive are the number of stored documents and users: two million documents were achieved by first quarter by 2015; there are currently 4056 registered users working with the system. The use of DocuWare Cloud is spread evenly across Europe and America, reflective of their market sizes.

President Jürgen Biffar has been a huge proponent of cloud-based document management from the beginning: “Our development was geared towards the cloud from an early stage, a choice which is now confirmed by our success. It’s not impossible to imagine that in the not-too-distant future we’ll be generating more market revenue with cloud solutions than with on premise systems.”

Attractive Licensing Model

Flexible licensing packages help each customer find a suitable offer. DocuWare Cloud allows unlimited, enterprise-wide use of the document management system with all functionalities, which is then billed only as needed. With the “DocuWare Cloud Flex” model, the price depends on the number of users and volume of documents; with “DocuWare Cloud Professional” and “DocuWare Cloud Enterprise,” the price is based on required storage capacity.