5 Essential IoT PaperCut MF Features

The business of IT has changed dramatically. The emergence of an always-on, always-connected world means that old business models are being disrupted, consumers are demanding more, and the world is smaller and more connected than ever before. The traditional IT operating model is fracturing under the digital demands of its customers, partners, and employees. Companies can attempt to become digital by trying to do things the old way, but they will fall behind and will face increasing competition.

5 Essential IoT PaperCut MF Features:

  1. Google for Education schools, G Suitefanatics, and Chromebook-based businesses now experience easy user management with PaperCut’s G Suite and Cloud Identity integration. Save on labor, hardware, and support costs with no need for on-premise Active Directory. Save time and hassle with single sign-on for users and admins.

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