Take advantage of the technology-based approach to managed print services and see what’s possible

By Tyler Martin – The definition of managed print services, in simplest terms, is: Services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output.

This seems straightforward enough. However, how an external provider performs this service can have a big impact on your results.

Many providers rely heavily on a large staff of field service techs to deliver managed print services (MPS). Meaning if something breaks, you call them.

They fix it. With a tech on every corner, they can have someone onsite in no time. While a labor-based approach works, it creates burdensome delays and disruptions for you, your staff and your users. In general, you have to experience a failure before corrective action is taken.

You need to wait for a tech to arrive, and hope the problem can be fixed right the first time. With this approach, the process starts after the device has an issue.

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