Are you losing the color battle? Choose Katun for color!

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your color profitability? Or is the high cost of OEM color cramping your style?

If you are relying exclusively on OEM color products, your profitability is definitely at risk. And if your aftermarket color supplier can’t ensure dependable, high-quality products – then your reputation could be at risk.

Your customers expect you to provide flawless performance: excellent color image quality, affordable prices, and outstanding service. Your competitors are scheming to gain a competitive advantage. And you still need to focus on the ultimate goal – to make a reasonable profit, despite the rising cost of doing business, and the inevitable margin squeeze that comes with buying OEM color supplies.

How do you avoid losing the color battle? By stepping onto the pitch with a proven supplier who believes in teamwork – a partner you can trust: Katun.

Katun® leverages decades of industry experience, product expertise, sophisticated product development processes and solid relationships with trusted manufacturing partners, to develop high-quality, high-value color products. To ensure these products meet your expectations, they are subjected to stringent testing and held to the highest quality standards.

We offer thousands of color printer, copier, and MFP products – including toner, drums, and parts – for every major OEM line.

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