Close Deals Faster Using These 2 Must Have Tools

by Troy White

The office technology industry is extremely competitive. Being creative about how you maintain momentum throughout the sales process is key in closing your sales in a timely manner. Falling short here can mean the difference between getting a contract signed and losing business to a competitor. One way to shorten the sales cycle and keep your prospects moving down the funnel is through the use of technology.

Today, we’ll provide a few examples to show you how technology can speed up your closing phase by bringing efficiency and ease of use to 3 key areas of the close—all while enabling you to deliver a stellar customer experience.

Calculating a Quote:

If your customer is asking you for a quote on a specific piece of equipment, they are in serious decision making mode. Congratulations! Making it to this step means you’ve won a series of battles already. But don’t celebrate yet – you are far from winning the war!

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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