Coronavirus Tips Demand for Mobile Ways of Working

A large percentage of China’s workforce are now forced to work from home and for many it is the first time they have utilized remote working technology. Simultaneously, across the world in Silicon Valley large tech companies are following this trend, not at this time to prevent infection, but to support workforce productivity and drive recruitment of the best talent.

Although these two trends are separate, the timing of these is creating a boom for technology providers to facilitate home and remote working.

Last week the Financial Times reported that “Distributed teams have been hailed as a solution to everything from work-life balance and employee diversity to climate change, by cutting commutes, and an economic downturn, by reducing rents”*. Now the Coronavirus outbreak presents another reason why organizations need to deploy remote ways of working in order to help them compete and remain operational in the virtual world.

There will be thousands of organizations seeking new ways to support mobile working and part of this will be empowering their workforce to submit print jobs remotely in order to print at the point of need.

Are you prepared to equip your customers with the right tools to facilitate effortless mobile printing? If you are not working with a solution that works with all printer brands you might be missing out on large enterprise deals!

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* Remote working is on trial in both China and Silicon Valley

SOURCE Ringdale

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