Creating Better Revenue for Your Dealer, by Jeff Gau, Marco

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEO – One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned in business is that not all revenue is created equal. Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, I was taught that $1 is a $1. Now as CEO, I see it from a different perspective.

Selling one item for $1 is not the same as selling another item for $1. One can boost the bottom line more than the other. Our growth in Managed Services continues to demonstrate that.

The quality of the revenue streams of a dealer has a direct impact on its earnings. So how do you improve the quality of your revenue? It goes beyond adding Managed Services.

Here are three steps to get started:

  • Bundle service and hardware agreements.
  • Distribute your customer base by account, size and industry.
  • Create a track record of cross-selling a broad range of products.

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