Clover’s Midwest Distribution Center Creates an Ongoing Partnership with the Ottawa Friendship House

Chicago, Ill. – February 22, 2017 – Clover Technology Group’s Midwest Distribution Center currently works with the Ottawa Friendship House to provide an empowering work environment called an Enclave. The Ottawa Friendship House, located at 1718 N. 2525 Rd., Ottawa, Ill., works to improve the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities through informed choice and empowerment, continued education, recreation, paid work training, living supports, community integration, and community employment. Together with Clover, the Ottawa Friendship House’s Enclave provides a safe, happy, and empowered work atmosphere for everyone involved in the process.

“Our company and employees take pride in our continued partnership with the Ottawa Friendship House,” said Jim Cerkleski, CEO of Clover Technologies Group. “Working with this significant community organization not only empowers the individuals we work with from the nonprofit organization but also engages our employees with giving back to and taking pride in their community — ultimately strengthening both the community and Clover.

Clover and Friendship House staff partnered together to create the powerful “Enclave” work environment at Clover’s Midwest Distribution Center. The Enclave program enables individuals with disabilities to work off campus under the direction of Friendship House staff to gain valuable work experience. The Distribution Center Enclave at Clover includes 17 team members who perform duties such as construct recycling boxes and labels to ship out, collect and separate dividers used during shipments, and sort cartridges to recycle and send back to Clover production facilities. The Friendship House workers also assist Clover’s packaging department by filling air inserts, stapling recycle cards, folding instruction sheets, and running machines to make inserts for the packaging process.

“The partnership with Friendship House is truly a joy and a breath of fresh air,” said Mike Smith, Warehouse Manager of Clover’s Midwest Distribution Center. “Whether in the workshop, or at Clover’s Distribution Center, their staff have great work habits and an excellent outlook on life. I consider myself very lucky for the opportunity to work with such great people and also help our business grow at the same time.”

Together, Clover and the Ottawa Friendship House have a storied history. To read more about the successful partnership, please visit


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