New Stats and Resources on Print Security to Help You Win a Healthcare Deal

The healthcare sector has been badly affected over recent years, with 40 million Americans in 2019 alone being affected by healthcare related data breaches. This is a 65% increase from 14 million US citizens affected in 2018*.

What’s more, for the first time ever over 400 healthcare organizations in 2019 reported a breach of more than 500 patient records. That is a considerable amount of records to be affected.

Why are these healthcare breaches occurring?

According to the same report, there are a number of reasons why enterprise healthcare organizations appear to be prone to data breaches and these include limited budgets, human capital challenges, as well as alert fatigue due to the labour intensive nature of the job. This backs up another recent report by Verizon**, which highlights miscellaneous errors, privilege misuse as well as web applications, account for 81% of healthcare related incidents.

So, what does this year have in store?

Initially, a 10-15% increase in the number of entities breached in the healthcare sector is predicted. However, it’s good news overall, with Fortified Health Security Report* predicting many organizations will be allocating additional investment in end point security technologies.

What does this mean for Managed Print Service providers?

Managed print service providers need to equip end users with the most secure, compliant and intuitive technology for staff to service their unique needs. If you are evaluating solutions for print security and compliance, take a look at the latest Independent BLI Solution Assessment on FollowMe.

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* The Fortified Health Security 2020 report


SOURCE Ringdale

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