160 PPM, small footprint – perfect for commercial printers

In a commercial setting, a RISO printer makes the most sense.

The commercial printing segment is one where employee satisfaction and productivity are crucial. Employees are printing on multiple technologies, from multiple sources and are often frustrated by the slow speed of duplexing and color limitations. The commercial market also su ers from peak printing periods. These long-run jobs such as end-of-month reports are being sent to common printers, thus decreasing department’s productivity overall. Such challenges can be detrimental to the entire operation if not properly addressed.

The ComColor GD series, printing at top speeds of 160 ppm, allows any job to be completed with greater e ciency. Productivity is increased thanks to fewer overlapping jobs. Its small footprint and 110V power requirements allow it to be placed anywhere. The GD’s durability and impressive duty cycle results in fewer service calls and less down time, keeping employees’ satisfaction and productivity high. Additionally, the environmentally friendly GD needs no additional ventilation and uses 90% less energy. With its user-friendly operation, impressive versatility, and high speed the GD makes a great option for a multi-user environment.

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