You Deserve Higher Sales

Since accepting a job selling business equipment years back, the Imaging Industry has had me hooked. The idea of helping people and companies get better has always been my calling.

I have had the privilege of working side by side with so many incredible and amazing people on the dealer/ direct sides, learning valuable life/business lessons along the way… constantly absorbing like a sponge the common threads of sales growth.

Note: Every week I travel and learn something both valuable and new,

This led me to create Coco Training & Coaching 9 years ago. Our mantra is clear; A Higher Sale-The Inspired Sales Approach… driving the growth of sales organizations. I want to add that every one of our team members shares this desire and commitment to “pay it forward”.

We built A Higher Sale Playbook to reflect our vision that the sales profession is not a mechanical activity. It’s not what you have experienced in the past. It’s a dynamic, ongoing and motivating process that starts at the beginning — hiring the right people – and training and supporting them to achieve in a proactive manner.  

It is the beginning of a journey that will inspire, energize and refocus your sales organization.

On the surface, many sales training methods and tools are similar. At Coco Training, we have a unique approach.  We engage top management, then filter key concepts down to sales teams, surround important topics with relevant content so that it is understandable and immediately useful. If you are wondering how A Higher Sales Playbook can change an organization, in the words of a Vice President of Sales…

“After we met for our coaching session, I was very excited knowing I now have a written Sales Business Plan with a strategy moving forward.  With your help, you and I designed a plan with the top three items being “New Business Development”, Company Branding, and a Recruiting strategy to fill the talent pipeline.”

For a moment, just imagine having available A Higher Sale Playbook…a turnkey, sales-driven program filled with industry Best Practices. The right tools, processes, and skills that build consistency and a baseline for success now and into the future.

Find out why industry leaders Image-2000, A&A Office Systems, Des Plaines Office Equipment, Stone’s Office Equipment, and many others have made it their foundation for sales growth.

You deserve sales growth and we welcome the opportunity to share more… In 30 minutes the components of A Higher Sale Playbook will make you think deeply about your path to sales improvement.

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Find out why companies like A&A, Perry pro Tech, CORE, Preferred and many others have/are utilizing our training